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Contact 09911887155 | 09990141814 To Register a Trust either at National level or State level in India. In India Indian Trust Registration Act 1882 is applicable across India. You can get the Trust Registration Form from the registrar office. Certified copy of Trust Deed Registration is issued by Registrar of Trust. Registration of Trust can be done for different purposes or Aims and Objectives like Religious Trust, Educational Trust, Charitable Trust / Trusts Registration, Institute / School Registration, Public Charitable Trust, Women Welfare Trust, Child Welfare Trust, Orphanage Trust, Old Age Home Trust, To save Nature, Environment and Art and Culture, Educational Trust, NGO/Trust Registration. We are helping our clients across India to registration of trust. A Trust can work with single objective or it can serve to different sections of Trust with different aims and objectives. To know the Trust Registration Procedure/Process you can contact us either through call or mail. How To Register/Form a Trust...? The answer is - Registration Consultant is owned by highly experienced Consultants We are successfully helping our clients to register all purpose Trust ( Charitable Trust, Educational / Education Trust Registration, Religious Trust, Church Registration under Trust Act, Temple Trust Registration, National Level Trust Registration, NGO/Trust Registration, Trust Registration Number, Computer Institute Registration, School Registration, Creech Registration, Public Charitable Trust Registration, Family Trust Registration, Private/Personal Trust Registration, Trust Registration Form, Deed of Trust Registration, Funds, Trust Deed Registration) from last more than 7 years. We are providing our services mostly in all states of India. 


Apart from corporate and business sectors, non profit organizations have given remarkable performance in India. Here in India you will find some world known NGO companies of the world. All these are famous for their non profit making along with producing earning for the benefits of others. Section 2(15) of the Income Tax Act in India is an ruling authority that states some rules and regulation that defines who are the non profit organization and they can be register. Basically non profit organizations are those organizations which are regulated for charitable purpose specially to include relief of the poor section of the society, medical relief, education, religious and other object of general public utility. There are various rules and procedures for Trust formation and Trust registration in India. The Indian Trusts Act 1882 is a codification of trusts law, introduced for India in 1882. It is an Act to define and amend the law relating to Private Trusts and. Trustees. Trust formation in India includes The name(s) of the author(s) / settler (s) of the trust, The name(s) of the trustee(s), The objects of the trust, The rights and duties of the beneficiary/ies, The name by which the trust shall be known and many more points are there which are concerned during formation of non profit organizations in India. The following elements are essential to form a trust:
• The author of the trust,
• The trustee, The beneficiary,
• The trust-property or the subject matter of the trust,
• The objects of the trust. 
The document by which the trust is declared is called the ‘Trust Deed’.
Registration Consultant is owned by highly experienced Consultant – Mr. Rahul Chauhan located in Delhi. Registration Consultant is providing their clients a complete guide to form a National Level Trust and registration for their non profit organization. We are successfully helping our clients to register all purpose Trust across India ( Charitable Trust, Educational Trust, Religious Trust, Public / Private Trust, Social Welfare Trust, Rural Development Trust ) from last more than 7 years.

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